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About Denny Kurien

My name is Denny Kurien, I'm the creative director & co-founder of Rayvn, a multi-disciplinary design consultancy in Toronto that does brand strategy, naming, graphic design, interior design / 3D modeling, and digital & social media marketing specifically for residential & commercial real-estate businesses during the pre-construction phase - in order to attract their ideal customers & investors. My previous clients include Marriott, Sotheby's, Keller Williams, Domicile Development, as well  RE-MAX.

I love Big Ideas and the ability to express them through stories and design. I also enjoy the fast-paced ever-changing digital environment, and my critical thinking skills lend themselves well to the work. I'm successful because I adhere to this simple notion: that the one staple that all disciplines thrive on is strategy, pure and simple.

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