Logo Design

Condo Marketing & Logo Design: Build a Better Marketing Plan Today!

In condo marketing, where real estate numbers have constantly been thriving, it is important to develop a brand identity early on. Selling a luxury condo or inviting potential future renters requires a commitment to your brand, a focus on developing your personality, and a commitment to combining it all into one accessible package.

Sounds difficult, right? It doesn't have to be!

Logo design for professional condo marketing is the specialty with Denny Kurien of Toronto's Rayvn, a multi-disciplinary design consultancy. With years of experience in the industry as well as a resume including names like Marriott, Sotheby's, and Domicile Development, here are a few ways that Denny Kurien and his team can benefit your condo marketing goals.

  1. Develop an Online Strategy — Luxury is in the eye of the beholder, and most eyes are going to find your luxurious property through the internet. Developing an online strategy is important not just to your pre-construction sales goals, but also to the long-term viability of your project.

  2. Brand Design & Visual Identity — We all know what to expect when we see the Golden Arches above a fast-food restaurant. In that same way, Denny Kurien can help to craft a visual identity that customers associate with your brand. Logo design is just one aspect of a visual identity that must extend to brochures, website design, and even social media content creation.

  3. Professionalism At Your Fingertips — Denny Kurien and his team specialize in helping serious-minded businesses to develop winning marketing plans. A free 30-minute consultation is available to explore concepts, discuss your needs, and question Denny Kurien further as to a proper match between teams.

Whether you are developing a luxury condo marketing plan or need help with your brand's logo design, Denny Kurien and his professional team of industry insiders can help. Contact Denny Kurien today to schedule a free consultation at your convenience!