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Designing a logo for a condo development

Before we can design a logo, or website, or put together marketing & sales material (promoting a condo that is yet to be built) we need to ask ourselves these 3 fundamental questions:

  1. Who would be our ideal customers that we would be marketing to?

  2. Why should they choose to live in our condo, as opposed to all the other condos out there?

  3. How are they going to find out about our condo?

Once we answer each of the above questions, we will be able to have a better idea of how the logo and branding for the condo property will visually manifest itself.

The Target customers

If you want to sell high-end condos, you need to understand what kind of design, messaging and tone of voice will be suitable for your target clients; what makes them desire that?

What are their goals/motivation and how can you help them to achieve these? How can you entice them so that they can imagine themselves living in that condo, before it's even built? They are so excited, that they even telling their family & friends about it. What are the demographics and psychographics of your target customers? Why should they buy an expensive condo? Is it because they want to show their status? Is it because they love being in a particular neighborhood? Do they value privacy and security? Do they want a luxury lifestyle?


All that kind of details matter and together with the condo's desired brand attributes (that we will help you discover) it can be reflected through messaging and design. When we do a Discovery Session with our clients, we dive much deeper into brand attributes, customer profiles and strategies to find answers and create captivating solutions for everything that is needed.

Once we craft the brand strategy, we put together different mood-board options for our clients to collaborate with at a very early stage of the design process. Below is a mood-board we put together for a high-rise condo developer in Richmond Hill, called "The Langstaff Residence"

Is the case of The Langstaff residence, our ideal target customers (bottom right) were young tech-savvy millennials who were looking to leave the expensive downtown Toronto core, and move to a modern condo further away from the Greater Toronto Area for a fraction of the price. Because of the pandemic, they are able to work remotely from home, but they still would like their creature-comforts of living in the downtown core. So they are looking for a condo with 5G Internet, gym, pool, 24/7 concierge service, as well located in a safe & up-and-coming neighborhood. Once we put together this mood-board, we are able to draw certain colors and stylistic elements that will now become part of the look and feel of our brand.

Designing the Logo

In the case of The Langstaff Residence, apart from the fact that the condo would be built on Langstaff Street, we didn't have much else go on. So we had to construct a story around the brand.

Luckily for us, when we were able to dig back in history, we found out that the community of Langstaff in Richmond Hill was named after it's founder - John Langstaff - who arrived from New Jersey in 1808.

The story of John Langstaff and his family became the inspiration of the logo design for The Langstaff Residence. There was an old etched drawing of the house that the Langstaff's ran their business from, and the house had Georgian Style Windows.

We turned the Georgian Style window into an icon, and that became the logo for the Condo Property.

The thick serf font, combined with the san-serif and a pop of red gave it an elegant, distinguished, but also a contemporary look that spoke to millennials who would be taking up residence in these condos.

Brand Strategy & Design

Once we know who our ideal target market is, we can start working on the messaging, voice & tone, what marketing channels could be used to reach them, and of course, create a design that fits with the look and feel that “speaks” to it's target customers. Marketing to them becomes so much more easier (brochures, magazines, social media marketing content), website, indoor and outdoor signage, ads, banners etc.

But notice, how they all need to work together as a cohesive unit to achieve the business goal - which is getting the customer to be interested enough to deposit a large sum of money before construction of the property begins.


As you can see, creating a logo design for a condo development doesn't happen in a vacuum. Creating a real-estate brand starts by asking who are the customers of the brand, what's in it for them, why should they care, and how will they find out. Only once we answer those questions and craft the brand strategy, do we then get into the design process.

Hi, I'm Denny Kurien. I'm the Creative Director & Co-Founder of Rayvn Design, a branding & design consultancy in Toronto. Our primary clients are real-estate developers and boutique hotels looking to attract prospective buyers & investors to their property before it's built.

We do everything from coming up with the name of your property, to logo design, website design & development, architectural 3D renderings, all the way to designing the brochure, construction hoardings, and social media content for your upcoming properties.

If you would like to work with me and my team, then please schedule a 15 minute zoom consultation or shoot me an email at and we can chat about your upcoming property, and it's rapid path to market.

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